Position Statements

Biobanking in WA – GSCWA Position Statement

In December 2006 the Genetic Support Council WA was invited by the Office of Population Health Genomics to participate in the WA Stakeholder Advisory Group which had been established to review issues relating to biobanks and associated databases in Western Australia.

The consultations provided an opportunity for a range of stakeholders representing professional, clinical, research and consumer interest groups to comment on issues including:
I. maintaining and improving existing biobank infrastructure and competence
II. developing, promoting and upholding best practice in ethical review and governance III. growing community understanding and support for biobanks.

In August 2008 members of the Genetic Support Council WA participated in a deliberative consumer engagement forum to help inform the Council’s development of policy relating to biobanks in Western Australia.

The consumer engagement forum “Biobanking in WA” was held over four days and encouraged participants to deliberate on what values and interests ought to be considered in the establishment, regulation and use of biobanks for health research.

Through the process participants:

This forum developed a set of recommendations as a basis to inform the development of this positions statement.