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Information and services for health professionals and service providers
This section of the site provides information for health professionals about the resources, services and supports that can assist in managing the care needs of people living with a genetic condition and their families.

Directory of Genetic Support Groups and Community Support Organisations in WA
The diagnosis of a genetic condition in a family member, particularly a child, places enormous stress on a family. Individuals and families may feel the need for personal support offering a specialised understanding of their particular condition.

Genetic support groups can be a useful resource for individuals and families living with a genetic. Sharing their knowledge, experience and support are one of the key services that these groups are able to provide.

Genetics in Family Medicine: The Australian Handbook for General practitioners
A national resource on genetic medicine for Australian General Practitioners.

Family Health History Worksheet
Office of Population Health Genomics Western Australia
The Family Health History Worksheet information can assist GP's in assessing individuals and families risk for disease and work with your patient to reduce this risk.

Familial risk assessment tool for breast and ovarian cancer.
Familial Risk Assessment – Breast and Ovarian Cancer (FRA-BOC) is an on-line tool designed for use by health professionals.

Genetic Services of Western Australia (GSWA) 
GSWA is the sole provider of clinical genetic services in Western Australia. General Practitioner or specialist can refer patients to Genetic Services. The General Practitioner or specialist arranges the referral by sending a referral letter, the patient will then be contacted by a genetic counsellor who will obtain any additional information that might be required and arrange an appointment. There is no charge associated with the appointment.

National Association of Social Workers
Standards for integrating genetics into social work practice.

Multilingual Genetic Resources
The Centre for Genetics Education has been involved in the production of several resources that have been translated in to a variety of languages. The language resources below are avaliable from the NSW Multicultural Health Communication Service.
"Prenatal Testing - Special tests for your baby during pregnancy"
Arabic, Chinese, English, Farsi (Persian), Japanese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese

"How can Genetic Counselling Help?"
Arabic, Chinese, Croatian, English, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese